Keys to a successful Website

Keep your page messaging/information short This helps a user catch what you are saying at a glance—one or two sentences for every block. Do not write long descriptions explaining how good you are. No one actually reads that. Forget about phrases and clichés, like “Our company provides best-in-class products and excellent services” that won’t explain […]

15 tips for composing effective advertising and flyers

Use a harmonious combination of good content and striking design Keep it brief. Edit your message keeping only the crucial elements you need to convey. If the customer needs more information they can get it from calling your phone number or visiting your website. Organize the information. Use bullet points, text boxes and infographics to […]

Words About WordPress

WordPress is a free platform initially developed to build blogs. It is popular nowadays as a simple and efficient content management system for websites. We prefer WordPress because there are a wide variety of customizable design themes available as starting points. They can be dynamic and more interactive than traditional websites, and there are many different […]

Marketing or Advertising?

Marketing affects how customers perceive your business. This perception is influenced by your advertising, online presence (website) and much more: How well is your website is designed? Does it look dated? Is it clean or chaotic and cluttered? How good is your customer support? How quickly do you respond to customers’ concerns? The quality of the work […]