Marketing For Small Businesses

We promote small businesses with advertising and marketing materials that will build your business identity. It's important to deliver your message so that it is easy to read and understand, and easy for customers to buy your product. Consistently share your information and communicate with your customer base. We will help you do it with tasteful creativity, know-how and years of experience.

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WordPress is currently used by over 26% of all web sites on the world wide web—that's because it's easy to use and has a lot of add-on features! With many open-source plugins and a thriving developer community we recommend WordPress for business websites, e-commerce sites, and blogs. Any opposition to using WordPress can be easily rectified or avoided with our help and by carefully following best practices. 


We will create and evaluate your web site pages to ensure high quality, educational and interesting content that's search engine friendly and with basic optimization. It's easy to setup a blog page (companies that blog have 55% more visitors), and add social media links. We also setup email newsletters. This includes formatting with your business branding and helping  to create promotions, making sure a call-to-action is clear.

Graphic Design

Digital or print: We will make your advertising, banners, brochures, posters, flyers, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, annual reports, info-graphics, stickers, labels, menus and packaging stand out. In short, we can produce everything you need to promote yourself and your business.

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